Cristina Gallegos


Photography is a demanding friend, as much a craft as it is science, at once an art and a deceivingly simple form of expression. While each photograph is instantaneous, the process is thoughtful. The technology is as advanced as the form is ancient, and it allows for exploration of both geometry and color, creating equal room for the inner geek and the inner artist.

For me, photography is a connection with my dad; his dark room a beloved childhood playground. It is also an ally in the battle with time, a life preserver and a historical artifact.

First and foremost, photography is a tool for exploration of details; the patterns on the back of a leaf, the specular light on a fleeting ocean wave, the vastness of an open landscape, patient rolling hills, a sea of grass, or a smile.

I can pick up my camera in an instant and it will always teach me something. A visual narrative, photography serves as the perfect companion for my other passions: acquiring knowledge, traveling, writing… Looking through the camera is an expression of love for the world at large and for that which happens to be in my line of sight at any given time.

Things I love (besides photography)? Chocolate pudding with whipped cream, Fresh bread, Clean laundry, Greg’s skin, Sweet dreams, Angel, Hot water, Good music, Happiness, Letters from friends, Family, Smiles, Weddings, Good words, Good thoughts, Good deeds, Jules by Christian Dior, Green and red RAVies, Good Health, The Ocean, Running, Nikon, My computer, Here & now, Friends, An examined life, Striving, Good food, Spring in Ballona, Sunsets, Stargate, the Wii, Roses and orchids...

And you my friend, go forth and create goodness! Thanks for stopping by.



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